Learn more about how ValisR enables better, faster, more cost-effective clinical research, drug discovery, and trial implementation for pharmaceutical companies, institutions, and hospitals.

ValisR makes deploying and selling digital tools and services for research easier than ever before, from eCOA to AI/ML plug-ins to CTMS Software, ValisR makes distributing and monetizing your technology and services a snap.

ValisR makes it easy to find and deploy the best tools to help treat, measure, and diagnose your patients in any setting, from national hospital networks to independent not-for-profit clinics.

Who we help

ValisR is a suite of patient-centric tools focused on helping people. To truly improve lives on a global scale, the world needs tools which work better for every piece of the puzzle. These are some of the people ValisR helps.


Finding new treatments and protecting patients

ValisR improves the treatment discovery and measurement process, increasing quality of life and reducing burden for study participants. Outside of trials, ValisR enables researchers to develop new treatments, from drugs to digital therapies, faster with better confidence.

ValisR includes various tools to protect patients outside of the clinical world, and provides an easy place to find tools which help track conditions, automate interventions, and connect people directly to the help they need.

Clinicians and Researchers

Better tools, less work, one password

ValisR makes it easy to find and deploy digital tools for research in any setting. Because ValisR is an open digital distribtuion platform, researchers can select the best tool for the job from any vendor or builder, instead of being limited to proprietary tools from a single source which lack indication specificity, while still reducing burden with a single log-in, unified audit-trails, and one, easy to use interface.

Research Enablers

Sell and deploy services and technology without sacrifice

As long as you meet GCP standard and have legitimate, honest technology or services, you can sell and deploy through ValisR, and take advantage of a suite of tools which ease HIPAA and GDPR compliance, reduce contract and set-up burden, and make deployment easy. Hosting your technology and services on ValisR is free and implantation is easy. No exclusivity is required, continue to sell however and wherever you want.

Join a revolution in research

Contact Valis Bioscience to learn more about using ValisR for your upcoming, ongoing, or previous research, or to get information on how to host your technology and services on ValisR.